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Evaluation of Parents’ Questionnaire completed July ‘17

The response to the questionnaire was overwhelmingly positive.

In particular,

  • Parents felt that the majority of children enjoy coming to school, make good progress and are safe.
  • Parents said that school deals effectively with concerns, including bullying and that we expect a good standard of discipline
  • Parents agreed that school communicates well about progress and about school events through newsletters etc
  • Support from the staff/school

If parents could change one thing-

  1. Less supply teachers/staff turnover
  2. More parent/child events
  3. Appropriate amount of homework
  4. Greater respect for school rules

In response to this-

Less supply teachers/staff turnover- last year we tried hard to recruit permanent staff but without success. This term, however, we are pleased to say that 7 classes have a permanent teacher and PPA time is also covered by a permanent member of staff. We hope that this will lessen the disruption to learning as we are aware some children find change very difficult.

More parent/child events-we are always looking for opportunities to invite parents into school. Last year we offered the parents of each class the opportunity to come in for an INSPIRE workshop and reading session. We also had a parent/child after school club for sport. The take up for these activities varies and we are keen to explore why.

This year we have tripled the number of INSPIRE workshops and we are offering more reading with parent sessions. We will be trialling an evening event as well.

Homework –We would like to further explore your views about homework and a short questionnaire has been sent out about this.

Greater respect for school rules- school rules are being revised and will be displayed. The school behaviour policy is also being revised and will be available on the school website and in school. Class Dojos are an effective way for you to view your child’s behaviour and keep in touch with the teacher. Please sign up, if you haven’t already. The class teacher will provide you with a code.

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