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School Data and Statistics

Year Six SATs Results


(National Average in Brackets)
SATs Test - Reading 

Reaching Expected Standard 60% (73%)
Above Expected Standard 9% (27%)
Average Scale Score 99.3
National Scale Score 104.4
Average Progress Score -4.23

SATs Test Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 

Reaching Expected Standard 76% (78%)
Above Expected Standard 20%
Average Scale Score 104.2
National Scale Score 106.3

Writing (Teacher Assessment) 

Reaching Expected Standard 53% (78%)
Above Expected Standard 4% (20%)
Average Scale Score N/A
National Scale Score N/A
Average Progress Score -5.71

SATs Test - Mathematics

Reaching Expected Standard 55% (79%)
Above Expected Standard 11% (27%)
Average Scale Score 100.2
National Scale Score 105
Average Progress Score -4..25

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined

Reaching Expected Standard 38% (65%)
Above Expected Standard 2% (10%)
Average Scale Score N/A
National Scale Score N/A

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Pupil Premium Money 2019/2020


The Pupil premium Grant remains at £1, 320 for each eligible primary pupil. It is based on pupils recorded in the January 2019 school census who are known to be eligible for free school meals since May 2013 as well as those known to be eligible in January 2019

The Pupil premium allocations included in this report are indications only and will be confirmed in June/December 2019 once pupil data from the January 2019 census has been agreed and validated

Allocated amount £176, 880

The Governors decision on how to allocate the PP money is as follows:


Part time PP Teacher 3 days per week to work with identified children in order to close the gap for those children and get them to ARE 

Behaviour support COBS – Ashbourne Centre                         

Behaviour support Beacon                                   

Booster Groups – Additional 1-1 or small group tuition year 6                     

Ed Psych – main pupils                                                            

Family Support Worker  - his case load are mainly PP children         

PP Reading Volunteer    - twice weekly to read with identified PP children

Mentoring – lunchtime mentors to work with identified PP children                       


The majority of children have poor language skills and motivation. Life experiences are based on and around the estate. Therefore they need many opportunities to improve life experiences and language skills.


Creative Curriculum – workshops, days out etc                                  

Residential Visits                                                 

Forest School                                                       

Life Caravan                                                       

Music Tuition                                                      

Transport and Travel                                            


PP Reserves these are kept for individual needs for counselling etc. as the needs arise.    

For archive data click the link below:


Attendance is monitored on a regular basis. Every school day is important in the life of a child. We are aiming for 95% or above for every child. Many children actually manage 100% attendance! If your child is absent for any reason please either telephone the Secretary on the day of absence or write a letter to explain the absence. The school monitors unauthorised absences, attendance that falls below 90% and persistent absences. These issues will be followed up by a home visit.


Holidays in term time are not permitted. If there are exceptional circumstances which require you to remove your child from school for a designated period please fill in the appropriate form which is available from the secretary (the form can also be downloaded HERE.

Late Arrivals

Children should be in school for the start of the school day. The names of latecomers will be recorded and parents will be invited in to discuss their child's lateness if it persists.

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