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School Data and Statistics

Year Six SATs Results


(National Average in Brackets)
SATs Test - Reading 

Reaching Expected Standard 64% (75%)
Above Expected Standard 19%
Average Scale Score 103
National Scale Score 105
Average Progress Score -4.6

SATs Test Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 

Reaching Expected Standard 79% (78%)
Above Expected Standard 40%
Average Scale Score 108
National Scale Score 106

Writing (Teacher Assessment) 

Reaching Expected Standard 42% (78%)
Above Expected Standard 2%
Average Scale Score N/A
National Scale Score N/A
Average Progress Score -9

SATs Test - Mathematics

Reaching Expected Standard 70% (76%)
Above Expected Standard 17%
Average Scale Score 103
National Scale Score 104
Average Progress Score -4.1

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined

Reaching Expected Standard 37% (64%)
Above Expected Standard 2%
Average Scale Score N/A
National Scale Score N/A

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Pupil Premium Money 2018/2019


The Pupil Premium Grant remains at £1,320 per identified pupil

111 pupils eligible 49.8%

The Governors had a Pupil Premium Review last year. The decision on how to allocate the PP money was as follows:


Part time PP Teacher 3 days per week to work with identified children in order to close the gap for those children and get them to ARE

Behaviour support COBS – Ashbourne Centre                                 

Behaviour support Beacon                                   

Booster Groups – Additional 1-1 or small group tuition year 6                     

Ed Psych – as required for identified pupils                                       

Family Support Worker  - his case load are mainly PP children         

PP Reading Volunteer    - twice weekly to read with identified PP children

Mentoring – lunchtime mentors to work with identified PP children


The majority of children have poor language skills and motivation. Life experiences are based on and around the estate. Therefore they need many opportunities to improve life experiences and language skills.

Creative Curriculum – workshops, days out etc                                  

Residential Visits                                                 

Forest School                                                       

Life Caravan                                                       

Music Tuition                                                      

Transport and Travel                                            


PP Reserves these are kept for individual needs for counselling etc. as the needs arise.    

The Pupil Premium Review will take place at the end of the school year 2019 to assess the effectiveness of the spending.                                        

For archive data click the link below:

Sports Premium Funding 2017/2018

Birches Green Junior School

Current numbers on role: 231

Funding received (to be received) in 2017/2018: £18,310


In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Physical Education (PE) and sport. This funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision. This funding is ring fenced to be used for sport specific areas to make an impact in Physical Education and Sport in schools. Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and Sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

The revised vision for the Primary PE and Sport Premium is:

VISION: All pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

OBJECTIVE: To achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport in primary schools.

We would expect indicators of such improvement to include:

• The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles

 • The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

• Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

 • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils 2

• Increased participation in competitive sport

During the academic year September 2017 to July 2018 we plan to spend our funding in the following areas:

The pink area of the table is a comprehensive package purchased from the Kingsbury School Sports Partnership*.

*The Kingsbury School Sports partnership (KSSP) is a ‘not for profit’ organisation based at Erdington Academy. The experienced and highly qualified team works closely with schools across Birmingham to support them in raising whole school standards in Physical Education and School Sport. KSSP also has extensive and established links with partner organisations; these provide enhanced opportunities for schools.


Sport premium spend


Impact/rationale for spend and desired outcome



Kingsbury School Sports Partnership (KSSP)

Employing a PE specialist from KSSP  to team teach alongside teachers in

Level 1 competition in Dance.


To raise the quality of teaching in Physical Education and Sport. Develop knowledge, skills and confidence to teach the whole child through sport. To increase pupil participation and range of inclusive activities.

A broader experience of a range of sports and activities are offered to all pupils.

Teacher evaluation & lesson observations. Pupil feedback.

KSSP specialist to team teach and run an after school club alongside a member of staff to support children to be more active and to have fun in a physical activity club.

To target a group of children who do not participate in physical activity after school clubs with the opportunity to have fun and develop their skills in a club that is both active and will develop their core skills.

Their increased skills, knowledge and confidence will increase their confidence and self-esteem and will enable them to participate in a wide range of sporting activities.

One to one support to a member of staff over several weeks will enable that person to continue with the club and ultimately make it sustainable.

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles.

Registers of attendance and regular follow on attendance in other after school clubs and competitions.

Continuous Professional Development

Training courses for school staff

Staff across the school have increased confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching PE and School Sport.

PE Co-ordinator is up to date with changes within expectations and brings ideas back to school environment.

Numbers of teachers accessing courses, evaluations of the impact of the course.

Governor sports premium event

Governors are aware of the spending of the sports premium funding and the rationale behind the expenditure. Governors are aware of the expectations involved in reporting, spending and the appropriate use of sports premium funding.

Governor feedback. PE coordinator attending Governing body meeting and reporting rationale.

Training of Sports Leaders

To provide children with the opportunity to develop their social, communication and organisation skills through leadership roles in sport. To support staff to develop Level 1 competition (e.g. house events) within school.

Leadership opportunities extended across the school into Literacy with a media team, reporting on sports events, taking photographs and uploading reports onto the school website, the School games Blog website and into the school newsletter.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.

There will be a range of activities taking place at lunchtime organised and run by young leaders and school competition.


The media team will regularly report on events across the school and inform the local school community about activities through class dojo.

Healthy Lifestyle session

Children to be aware of the amount of sugar, salt and fat within food and how this can affect us.

Number of children choosing healthy options, particularly during break time.

Participation in a wide range of KSSP Key Stage specific Competition

Increased participation opportunities in competitive sport for all years.

There is increased participation in competitive sport.

Numbers of children taking part in a range of competitions across the School.

Hire of sports equipment from KSSP i.e. inclusive equipment (boccia, new age kurling) or other equipment:

Crazy Catch nets, Quick Sticks hockey.

Provision of a wider range of inclusive activities to engage and motivate children to participate in sport.

The numbers of children taking part in a wider range of activities.


Sport Premium spend


Impact / rationale for spend and desire outcome



Lunchtime play Co-ordinator

3 payments ( £1455, £1090, £1455)

Set up playground monitors system, create playground zones and activities.

Improved opportunities for all at playtime.

Engagement in a range of different sports and activities.

Encouragement for the least active to enable 30 minutes of physical activity per school day.

Playtime observations and behaviour log showing less incidents of poor behaviour due to high levels of engagement by pupils.

Pupil questionnaire results.


Evolve staff

Team building - Class event using problem solving activities.

The class will take part in a range of activities that will be led by a PE Specialist to support them to work closer together as a team and to improve their social skills.

The class teacher will develop their skills in a new range of activities that they can use in the classroom.

Class monitoring - The class work more cohesively together.

Employing sports coaches to team teach alongside teachers


To raise the quality of teaching in Physical Education and Sport. Develop knowledge, skills and confidence to teach the whole child through sport.


Teacher evaluations and lesson observations.

To lead after school clubs twice a week.

To increase pupil participation and range of inclusive activities.

To provide a link to a local sports club and to sign post children to join community clubs to take part in sport outside of the school environment beyond the school day.

To encourage those gifted and talented through specialist support.

Registers of children’s involvement.

Number of children participating in level 1 and 2 competitions.

Wider competitions being entered with the collaboration of schools.


Specialist teaching of higher ability children.

To increase support and accelerate progress within swimming for gifted and talented.

To increase pupil participation in a range of sports.

To allow for a level 1 competition within swimming due to additional staff.

To raise teachers confidence and understanding of the teaching of swimming.

Teacher and coaches assessments of children.

Teacher feedback.

Teacher observations.


Projector for sports hall


Purchase permanent projector to be used within the hall for PE.

To increase participation in a variety of sports.

To enable focused lessons.

To increase staff confidence and ability to teach successful progressive PE lessons.

To use to inspire gifted and talented children to assess their own achievements and development points.

To further assessment within PE.

To inspire children to try different sporting activities through the use of media.

Teacher and pupil feedback.

Teaching observations.

Purchase of school Sports tops -

Purchase of Sports tops for staff

To engender a team spirit and to match the opportunities offered to existing staff.

Purchase of sports tops for new staff

Supply cover


Supply cover for staff to release them to attend PE training courses

Provision of training course for new and existing staff to enable the school to continue to provide high level PE provision for the pupils

Number of training courses attended

Health week


Whole school focus on health in relation to exercise and diet in schools annual health week

All children experience new sport and develop understanding of healthy lifestyle choices

Parent and Pupil feedback

Take up of clubs increase in the following term

Visiting coaches


Organise visiting sports coaches to provide taster sessions on a wide variety of sports

Children experience a wide variety of sports

Pupil feedback




Run Bikeability sessions for year 3 to increase road safety awareness and promote use of bicycles for fun and transport

All year 3 children participate in sessions

Increased confidence of how to stay safe whilst riding

Healthy schools assessment


Run a healthy schools assessment day for all children.

All children to be involved.

Children to set personal targets and to have these programmes shared with parents for increased parental participation.

Increased motivation to achieve personal target.

Parent, pupil and teacher feedback.

Observations from the day.

Improvement within personal challenge activities.

Sports for schools


Run Sports for Schools event.

British Athlete to visit school.

All children to be involved within sports challenges.

To raise awareness of different sports.

To develop the status of PE within school.

To inspire children to try different sporting activities.

Increased participation in sports events.

Pupil feedback.

Existing spending: £11,998

Remaining allowance: £6,312



Attendance is monitored on a regular basis. Every school day is important in the life of a child. We are aiming for 95% or above for every child. Many children actually manage 100% attendance! If your child is absent for any reason please either telephone the Secretary on the day of absence or write a letter to explain the absence. The school monitors unauthorised absences, attendance that falls below 90% and persistent absences. These issues will be followed up by a home visit.


Holidays in term time are not permitted. If there are exceptional circumstances which require you to remove your child from school for a designated period please fill in the appropriate form which is available from the secretary (the form can also be downloadedHERE).

Late Arrivals

Children should be in school for the start of the school day. The names of latecomers will be recorded and parents will be invited in to discuss their child's lateness if it persists.

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