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Birches Green Junior School aims to provide a wide programme of physical activity within curriculum time as well as during leisure time.  Birches Green Junior School recognises the benefit of physical activity in creating healthy bodies and minds.  Each child receives their weekly entitlement of curriculum, physical education and opportunities to take part in out of school hours and lunchtime sporting activities. 

 Physical activity is promoted at lunchtimes through activities lead by our lunchtime supervisors, Year 5 Play Leaders and a Sports Coach.

 Physical Activity is used as a tool to promote self-esteem and confidence in expression of feelings.  Thinking, selecting and applying skills are employed during physical activity; these are promoted as life skills. Birches Green Juniors aims to promote an understanding of the many benefits of exercise, through a balanced range of relevant activities to include individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities. The children have 1-2 hours of P.E. lessons per week. One hour is replaced with swimming for one half-term.


All lessons, throughout the school, are taught as class groups following the Rising Stars scheme of work.  Lessons are taught by the class teacher. Teaching and learning is based upon progressive learning objectives, which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, endeavour to provide appropriate, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning situations for all pupils.

The planning is in place to ensure progress and to build on what the children already know and do.  Each lesson includes a warm-up. The children are given opportunities to discuss the ‘effects of exercise on their bodies.’  There is always an opportunity to ‘acquire and develop skills,’ and then they ‘select and apply these skills.’ Finally, the children take part in ‘evaluating and improving’ their skills (through peer and self-assessment) and finish with a cool down.


Assessment is informally given as oral feedback within lessons with reference to the objectives within the planning. This will be used to inform future planning and differentiation within lessons.   Any children that are not making expected progress will be given appropriate additional support, i.e. motor group, ITP targets, focus groups. More-able pupils will be challenged through differentiated activities within each lesson.


 Birches Green Junior School actively prepares our children for taking part in competitive sports.  Pupils have the opportunity to take part in an intra-school competition, eg: Multi-skills, Indoor Athletics, football, etc.  Teams represent our school in regular inter-school competitions which are organised by Kingsbury Schools Sports Partnership staff. 

 Cross curricular links are made wherever possible to raise the status of sport in school, to encourage high achievements and to promote healthy lifestyles for all.

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