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Maths at Birches Green Junior School is taught with a mastery approach. Children take part in daily maths lessons which are planned to meet the needs of every child. Children will use concrete resources to explore new ideas and develop fluency in different areas. They will then use what they have learnt to solve problems and improve their understanding. Children will start the year by revising number and place value skills before moving onto extending their knowledge of different calculations. Throughout the academic year, children develop their understanding of fractions, measurement, geometry, and statistics and in Year 6 algebra and ratio too.


Times Tables

At Birches Green Junior School we believe that children’s knowledge of their times tables is crucial. Therefore we use a fun approach, through Times Tables Rockstars, to help children learn all of their tables and make sure they can recall facts rapidly. Children begin their rock journey as Wannabes and work through different stages, such as Unsigned Acts to Headliners, in their quest to become a Rock Hero. The only way to improve their rock status is to learn their tables and answer more questions in the quickest time possible. 



Whilst attending our school, children will have access to Mathletics: a powerful and captivating online learning space which provides children with the opportunity to develop their maths skills inside the classroom and beyond. Children will receive Mathletics usernames and passwords at the start of the year. By logging on, they will be able to practice fluency against other children or the computer in Mathletics live, complete extra homework tasks set by their teacher and spend their hard-earned credits on different items for their avatars. 

Calculation Policy

Methods in maths often change and new approaches may seem alien to parents. At Birches Green Junior School, we have a calculation policy which helps track the methods which children will be using in class for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This may be useful when helping children with calculations in maths at home. A copy of the policy can be found here.

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